Celebrating 10,000 Orders!

Jun 15, 2022

Today, my 10,000th order was placed on my website! 

When I built this website in late 2012 I never would have guessed. 

I had left eBay years before after selling there since 1998. There were over 25,000 orders there, but I was lucky to have been with eBay during the good days.  I had an Etsy shop that was not producing as well as expected and I was having great success selling on One Kings Lane. I somehow knew that OKL would be a short gig. 

Being a single mom I knew that I needed to go out on my own, but I knew nobody that has done it yet. Shopify was very new, but I jumped in to give it a try. The Shopify platform was not nearly as easy as it is today and the learning curve was tough. There were many long nights and tears trying to figure out how to make a beautiful functioning website. Once it was built, there was the task of learning how to promote it and earn placement in search engines so that we could find each other. 

It took years of 60-70 hour work weeks working my website and the other platforms, but my website grew and we did find each other.

I was so grateful that my website was doing well when One Kings Lane was bought out and changed. I have been on my own website only for about 8 years now and love it! 

24 years selling online and my daughter is raised and was just hired as a 3rd grade teacher.  We did it!

To celebrate this 10,00th sale and many special milestones reached... I say... LET'S HAVE A SALE! 


Use Promo Code :


for ✨30% OFF of your entire order Now! ✨

👉🏻 That's not all! I will be issuing double Jewel Bucks Points for every order using the discount code. 

Goes until Tuesday June 21 at midnight. 


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