Chrysocolla ~ My Special Healing Stone

Apr 30, 2017

Chrysocolla is a gorgeous stone that is found in many shades of green and blue as well as turquoise. Its color is attributed to the copper content. It is often found inter-grown with quartz, malachite or azurite.  It is often confused with turquoise. This is a stone that displays beautifully in jewelry and can be found in Native American pieces. 

My introduction to this beautiful stone did not however, come from my exposure to a treasure trove of Native American jewelry pieces. It happened quite differently. 

About 11 years ago, I had a horseback riding accident with my first horse, Snickers. He was 25 years old at the time and was going blind in one eye. He still loved to go out on trail, but I had to really guide him to keep him from stepping into holes or out in front of cars when we were on the street. We were at a slow canter going up a hill and he tripped into an erosion crevice and down he went! I was able to break free and do a tuck 'n roll as we went down. I did not wear a helmet back in those days so I rolled up into a ball and covered my head. He hit the ground behind me and then rolled over on top of me crushing my shoulder forward breaking my collar bone. Then, he got up and ran away breaking his headstall and reins. Luckily, I was riding with another gal so she rode after him and caught him to prevent him from being hit by a car. 

As for me, I had to hike out of the hills. It was about a half hour hike, but I made it up top the street where Cory met me and took me to the hospital. Because of the way the bone broke and the movement from my walking, the doctor did not want to perform surgery on it. He said it was best to leave it be. The bone started to fuse in 10 days. I ended up with a shoulder that is shorter and lower than the other one. I cannot carry my purse on that shoulder because it falls right off. If I wear a regular bra, I always have my bra strap hanging down my arm like a white trash character from a skit in that old TV show "Hee Haw". 

The bone injury was not really the problem, it was that the jagged broken bone was laying on a bed of nerves in my shoulder. I was experiencing shooting pains going down my right arm and my hand felt like it was on fire. I am right handed and it was my right hand. The palm of my hand was the worst! It was red and hot, like a high fever. The doctor gave me pills that did not really help much and they made me feel bad so I decided to tough it out. He told me that as the bone grew scar tissue, it would become rounded and the jagged edge would become smooth and that would be when the nerve issue would resolve. It was a waiting game.

About 3 weeks into the healing process, my best friend and I were spending the day in a beach town. We walked and shopped and just enjoyed the day, except the palm of my hand was on fire! I was so uncomfortable. 

We passed a shop, a rock shop and I had this strong urge to go in. I told my friend that we had to shop in this store. When I walked in the door it was almost like I heard a voice telling me that I had to look for it. I had to hold every rock until I found it. I started picking up rocks and holding them in my hands. Rock after rock after rock. I had to find it. I had no idea what I was looking for, I just knew I'd know when I found it.

 My friend has known me for a long time so she went with my quirky request and started up a conversation with the shop owner while I searched. I was about to call it quits when I saw this beautiful turquoise blue stone that was oddly shaped, almost triangular. I picked it up with my right hand and closed my palm around it. It fit my hand perfectly. It was as if I had molded it with fresh clay for a perfect fit and the fired it to hold its shape. 


I asked the owner what this rock was and she said, "Chrysocolla". She told me how it balanced energy and was a calming stone. I held it in my hand as she told me all about the folklore. 

As I stood there listening something amazing was happening. The stone was cold. It was drawing the heat right out of my hand! As it drew the heat, it only warmed slightly, but it kept on cooling my palm.  I bought the stone and away we went. 

I carried it in my hand the rest of the day and when I got home I started to research it. I learned the the Native Americans used this stone to reduce fevers because of it's heat absorbing properties! 

I carried this stone in my hand for several months. I even slept with it in my hand. It was the only relief I had until my bone fused and the scar tissue grew and started to protect my nerves so that they could also heal. 

Today, my chrysocolla sits on my desk with my favorite rocks and minerals that I have collected over the years. Just a pretty rock to everyone else, but a godsend to me, my special healing stone. ❤️


Here is a nice example of Native American sterling silver jewelry set with chrysocolla. Isn't it something else?


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