Come See Our Arizona Buying Trip

Jun 17, 2018

What a fun time! 

My daughter and I did a quick buying trip to Arizona. We bought turquoise jewelry and we went thrift shopping as she is a vintage girl like we are. 

It is usually very hot this time of year in Arizona. In fact the day before we arrived it was 111 degrees. However the monsoon season has begun so as a storm approached, the temperature dropped to a much more comfortable 91 degrees. 

The first day we got up very early and drove in order to arrive early to have a full day of shopping. 

We found some nice pieces like these earrings:

Saw these outstanding Navajo rugs. Almost bought the one on the left. 

Don't you love this early Navajo ring that we found?

We checked into our hotel. My sweetheart Cory chose this place for us and knew that I'd love the larger than life sculpture out front. 

The view from our room was so relaxing. 

We stopped for dinner at an amazing place in Phoenix called Beckett's Table where I loved my shrimp & grits dish. 

After a lovely meal we shopped for several more hours. Thrifting was fun too. No jewelry but I found a Ralph Lauren sweater and this Quartz crystal elongated skull for my desk. Isn't it cool?


The next morning we woke up to a very wet Scottsdale. The monsoon storm had arrived. We shopped anyway and drove through flooded streets and muddy roads. 

Tried to do a photo shoot and this is what it looks like when you shoot in a monsoon. Water on the lens. Water everywhere!

In spite of the water, we did quite well. 

When it was time to head for home we drove right out of the storm to see beautiful scenery like this:

Since I am a rockhound at heart we stopped in Quartzsite to pick up a few colorful rocks for the website. What to choose!

Here's a few things that I brought home: 

And I really wanted this chysocolla malachite specimen, but it was way too expensive for me. Have to settle for a photo. 

Now I am home. Here is a peek at about half of what we purchased. I have added 5 of the items to my website, but I need to pack all of the weekend orders before I do more...and sleep. I really need some sleep. Lots of driving over the last several days. There will be jewelry shows every night for about two weeks. I have wonderful pieces that I am so excited to show you. I hope that you'll love our picks as much as we do!  ❤️ Linda



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