Hard Work Pays Off!

Oct 20, 2020

30 days ago, I decided to spend the next three months updating my website and adding the over 1000 vintage pieces that my daughter and I have been sourcing all summer long. 

I have added 350 items to my website. 

My website has a new look, new color scheme and a magnifying glass zoom that works on mobile and desktop. The best thing is that I just installed a new chat app that combines on site questions with email, facebook and instagram all in one place. Just have to figure out how to weed out the huge amount of spam that comes my way.

Nonetheless, I should be able to help you with your questions much faster and that makes everyone happy. Every question will come to a central dashboard. If I do not answer you quickly it is because I am either sleeping, driving or riding Red. 

Now that the website is ready, I am going to power list and get these fabulous pieces live and available to you. 

What's coming? Of course turquoise, jewelry, copper,  pieces with gemstones and all of the good jewelry that I could hoard. Also, I have a huge stockpile of hand-picked boots including Frye, cowboy and cowgirl boots, leather bags, vintage Coach, hats, Stetson, Resistol, Eric Javits, Stoneware, Mexican blankets and weavings, devotional pieces, original paintings, jackets, baskets, wool sweaters and more. 

In the 1990s, I was part of an American Country Antiques shop. I love that look so much. That look has now grown to be Farmhouse and/or ranch house and I am into it. I want my online shop to be an American country meets California Mexican Hacienda / ranch dry goods store with every vintage and antique thing that we love. My goal is to have it all done by December 1.  Of course, I will continue to buy and add my usual 5 to 15 things per day, but the next 6 weeks will be intense adding of product. 

I tend to add product in the evening after packing orders and doing the photo shoot of the day. I am getting a later start as every photo now has to be compressed for faster loading. 

You can watch for the day's new arrivals at the button below 


HINT: If you want to be first in line for my holiday sales text INEARLY to 29071 


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