I'm Walking! No More Afterpay!

Apr 21, 2023

Effective today, I am no longer accepting Afterpay.

Never fear, You can buy your items with installments through Shop Pay or Paypal.

Just like layaway, only better because you get the item right away. I installed Shop Pay payments last night. They charge me more for the service, but they have the highest rating from buyers hands down. 

I am hoping that this will be easier having your payment account right there with Shop Pay making one less website that you have to go to and log in.

What happened:

Afterpay needed some tax information from me and sent me an email that I never saw. This went out in December, they tell me. They withheld payment from every piece that you bought with afterpay from Jan 1 until now without telling me. By the time I found out, the amount was substantial. 

I called them and gave them the information they wanted and the money was released after copious phone calls. I thought it was all good. 

Last night I received a threatening email from them saying that I gave them false information, which I did not. (Did they have a typo when reporting?) I have been filing taxes since 1974. I know my name, address and SS number. I have had the same name and SS # all my life and the address for 20 years.  The email was so offensive and accusatory that I am concerned that if they treat me that way, and I am their REAL customer who brings them business, how are they treating my customers? 

The other thing is that Shopify is hiding the Afterpay link and making it hard to find at checkout. There were some panicked buyers during the last sale that could not find the link and wanted to pay fast before someone else bought their pieces. 

It's time to say goodbye to Afterpay. 

Your account with Afterpay will still be active and you can use them elsewhere, just not at Yourgreatfinds.net. 


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