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Is This Thing Working Or Not? ūü§Ē

Ever thought about giving it a try?

It's Make An Offer Monday!

I am sure that you have seen this little button on my item pages:

It's an app that I have added to my website that helps you get the item that you want for a price that we can both agree on. 
Up until a few weeks ago, it was a very manual process. You would make an offer. The system would send me an email. I would see the email and accept, decline or counter. If I accepted I would create a discount code and email you back with that code. You then would copy and paste the code at checkout to change the price. 

About six months ago, the app company contacted me and interviewed me for over an hour. They wanted to know how to improve the app. I was emphatic that this system be automated. The process is too manual and has too many steps. Too much waiting for the interested buyer as well as the risk taken in losing the item waiting for me to see the email and answer. 

I wanted them to make it possible for me to insert my best price into the system so that the system could automatically accept and offer or decline the lowball offers. (Such as $15.00 for a $200.00 bracelet. That happens often)

So three weeks ago, they contacted me that they are fully automated. They wanted me to BETA test the new system. I was pumped! It doesn't work quite the way that I envisioned as I still get an email telling me that I have an offer. But, once I reply it is supposed to automatically adjust the price without me having to create a code and you having to copy and paste it into checkout. I am good with that. 

What happened next? The first offer came in and the link in the email did not work. I had to wait until I could get to my desktop to access the app dashboard to answer the offer. I hit the "Accept" button and had no idea what happened. I did not hear back from the customer or see an order come through so I created a discount code and sent it manually explaining about the new features with the app. She used the code and got her piece. 

Then, nothing. No offers for a week. That is not normal. Now offers are coming in, I am responding but they are not resulting in orders and I am wondering if this new system is even working. Usually 85% of the offers that I accept result in pieces finding new homes. 

So, I am wanting to conduct a BETA test of my own. 

(And now you are wondering why "Make an Offer Monday" and it's Saturday night? Because it rhymes and the test will end Monday.) 

So, Please Make Me an Offer!

Send me an offer between right now and midnight Monday night and I will do my best to accept or counter with my very best price. I do that anyway, but we are running a test to see if this thing is even working. 

  • If it appears that the system isn't working, I'll make you a code and email you.¬†
  • Don't want to make an offer and wait? You can have a discount anyway.
  • Discount code below is good on both website.¬†
  • If you have ANY feedback to share about the make an offer system, please contact me at Linda@yourgreatfinds.net so that I can pass your ideas on to the app developer.¬†

If you don't want to test the offer system but would still like a discount or if I take to long to respond you can use promo code:


for 35% offanything on my website


or 20% offanything on my outlet. 


I might leave these codes live a little longer than Monday night. Often times I am requested to do so because many people don't read email every day. I will let you know if I extend the promo code time. 
Thank you so much! 
‚̧ԳŹ Linda

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