It's Autumn!

Oct 6, 2018

I love this time of year. The air is cooler and it is such a pleasure to get up early to shop antique markets for fresh vintage finds when the air is crisp and cool. I am all geared up and ready to fill my website with great hand-picked jewelry that I have collected for you.

We will have many events from now through Christmas so if you have not signed up for my newsletter you can do that HERE

I will be seeing one of my best pickers on Monday and that will kick off our fall fresh finds. Next Wednesday will be "Wishlist Wednesday" so get your list filled up now. 

Remember that your personal wishlist can be emailed to family and friends so that they will know exactly what you want for Christmas. I also have gift cards. 

As you know, you can pay for your purchases at Yourgreatfinds with your credit care or ApplePay. I recently added AmazonPay as well. It's easier than every to buy great finds! 

So get ready for some fun shopping and great deals on quality vintage! 🍁🍂🐿

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