It's Thank You Thursday !!!

Aug 4, 2016
It's THANK YOU Thursday!
I want to extend a Huge Thank You to all of you. You see, it's my 18th anniversary of opening my first online store in August of 1998 when I was pregnant with my daughter. Some of you have followed me from that first eBay store called "Shopfox" through my divorce when I changed my business name to "Yourgreatfinds". It's your loyal support that got me through the challenge of being a single mom. And now, my daughter, Emily will start college this month! We did it!!!
August is always a special month with my anniversary and at the very end of the month, my birthday. If you remember from the old days, when it's my birthday, it's everybody's birthday!! I have some great events planned for us all month long. 
So let's kick it off right now with a Bracelet Event. 
You get 41% off all Bracelets and demi parures with a bracelet. It it shows in the Bracelets Collection, the discount code will work. 
Your code is:
PLUS you get double rewards points plus 18...because it's my 18th Anniversary. Double plus 18 points will be added manually once per day after your purchase is completed. 
How long will this event last? Through the weekend ending at midnight PST Sunday, but you have early access because you subscribe to my newsletter. This will be announced on Facebook and Instagram tomorrow. 
So, get busy! It's bracelet shopping time!  

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