October 10, 2016 0 Comments

It's Treat Yourself Tuesday!!

This week we have a two part event. Today you have early access to Treat Yourself Tuesday which is happening in The Messy Bowl.

You have Monday early access because you are on my VIP newsletter list. I have moved over 40 items into The Messy Bowl, some from One Kings Lane and some from my website. Lowest prices ever for these items. Sample of what is newly available in the collage above. 

For 75% OFF in THE MESSY BOWLnow. Ends At 12 Noon PST Wednesday. 

Use Code: GetReady


Why "Get Ready"? Because of part two. Part two is a brand new collection that I am building. It will be released and will go live on Friday night 6:00 PM PST. 

You will be sent an email Friday afternoon with a link to the new collection at 4:00 PM PST so that you can preview it and shop it first, for two hours before the general public. Trust me, You don't want to miss it! And, here is a hint: If you have rewards program dollars to spend, get them redeemed and ready to rock. 

That's all for now. More about the new collection coming Friday.  For today, Please go see the fresh finds at 75% OFF in The Messy Bowl-Great things are waiting to be yours! 

As always, I appreciate you SO MUCH!