July 12, 2017 0 Comments

So, I have this very rare Native American Kerchief slide. It is C. 1920 to 1950. It is sterling silver and has an unidentified hallmark on the back. 

This hallmark appears on the Indian hallmark website as unidentified as well. 

This piece is set with a very nice natural turquoise stone. 

Here it is:

The raised emblem on the front of the piece stands for Smoke Tree Ranch. This ranch is located in the California Desert. It has a rich history. Many celebrities have stayed at this ranch over the years. 

The one that I am most interested in is Walt Disney. He was known for wearing this emblem on his tie tack and even the statue of Walt that stands in front of the castle at Disneyland has this emblem on his tie. 

I am so curious about this piece. I cannot find anything like it on the web. I wonder if there is a Smoke Tree Ranch collection out there some where. Was this an item that was sold at a ranch tourist gift shop or was it custom made for someone that worked there? 

Does anyone know anything about collecting such things?