October 21, 2019 0 Comments

I'm not going to say much about this controversial topic, but here's the thing:


It makes me sad that animals were and are killed just for the vanity wearing of furs. I would never buy a new fur anything. I also would never buy a new fake fur anything as the manufacturing of fake fur does damage to the environment as it is made from petroleum. And if you haven't read my earlier post about my stance on Fast Fashion, you can HERE.

I am about recycling, reusing, restoring and saving the real stuff, the good stuff.

The thing that makes me very sad is while I shop antique stores, shows and thrift stores I see beautiful fur coats, jackets, scarves and hats tossed aside because of fur shaming. Animals already died for these pieces to be made and we cannot change that. Some of these pieces are 70 years old now.  I cannot stand to see these pieces tossed aside like trash. To honor the lives of these beautiful animals, I am buying nice vintage fur pieces and offering them to you at affordable prices.

I hope that they will find homes where you can wear them to keep warm this winter. Fur is warm and and beautiful. It still has a way of making a girl feel glamorous.It is also becoming popular again in fashion.

I will offer my beautiful fur finds along with my leather and jewelry pieces until I get to the point where I can semi-retire from this job. I will then take time out to sew again. The furs that are left will be hand made into little furry beds for orphaned kittens and will be donated to cat rescues and their fosters. Not every foster can afford an incubator and these little beds will keep the babies warm and give them a "mama" to knead.

On top of this, 20% of the profit of all vintage fur items that I sell will be spent buying cat and dog food that I will donate to ARE Animal Rescue. You can learn about them HERE.

Will I be wearing a fur this winter? Yes. I saved a pretty coat for myself. In Southern California there is not much chance to wear wool sweaters and fur coats but I look forward to the opportunity to honor the little animals that died for the coat that I held back to wear. My coat is 60 years old and it's beautiful.  I already donated $20 in food to ARE in honor of my own coat. How about that?

This racoon coat will be available on my website as will the necklaces on the dress form that holds it.