Vintage Soul Flea Market

Mar 9, 2019

I took the day off today to attend an event called "Vintage Soul Flea Market" located in Temecula, CA. 

The first thing that you see when you enter the market area located at the Vail Headquarters is this:

I loved it already! It was so fun. I love Instagram and I felt like I was walking through a live 3-D version of the platform. Not only were the booths beautifully curated, but the sellers dressed the part. As the customers arrived I was delighted to see that the customers were dressed in vintage as well. 

The thing about Southern California is that the people here have been trend setters for a very long time. This still stands true today.  It is all about vintage clothing. I was thrilled to see everything that we love. The jewelry of choice was Vintage sterling silver and turquoise Native American. 

 When I saw this, I knew I was with kindred spirits. I went for the jewelry and Emily went for the clothing. 

Who doesn't remember these? Perfect Beach town vehicle. 

I loved this gorgeous gal's booth. Lots of Vintage Ralph Lauren in velvet and Southwestern. Look at her outfit and her jewels!

Don't I always tell you this? 

Leather hats are so in! But we already knew that. Is that a bullet hole in the top one? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Here's a stack of photos that I shot as I walked around. Note the old leather, denim, boots, purses, natural fibers, velvets etc...Hats are HOT. Old leather purses with patina, hot. I was so in my element. 

I stopped to have a Vanilla Lavender Latte at a darling coffee joint that was right there at the event. 

Vintage leather fringe step stool. Almost came home with me. 

There was a sitting area on the lawn where a band was to play. It was complete with big comfy pillows and fresh flowers. 

So what did I come home with?
A vintage 1960's Coach Bonnie Cashin purse with leather that has the warmest, most awesome patina! I love it. 

Before we left we ducked into one of the nearby stores where I fell in love with this color palette. Even though the clothes were new I loved looking at this display.

I had such a fun time today with my daughter at Vintage Soul Flea Market and I cannot wait for the next one. 


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