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Dec 2, 2021

Where did I get that "Seller of Good things"? Well, years ago my friend had the most wonderful antique German wagon in original red paint. It had a brown fabric covered wooden horse that pulled the wagon. On the side of the wagon it said " Santa Claus - Seller of Good Things" 

The wagon was for sale. I was a single mom with a two year old and I just could not afford it, but I wanted that wagon so badly. Years later, when I needed a motto for my website, that darling wagon came to mind! 

So, from that single mom who knows about hard times, I want to extend a special Christmas discount that you can use all the way until New Year's Eve. You can use to to Christmas shop or to buy yourself a little something after Christmas. 

Use this code: XmasBlue15

For 15% off of anything, any price on my many times as you want to use it. 

My gift to you. I know that with inflation, things are just a little tighter this year. 

**Cannot be used with any other discounts. Must be used at the time of purchase. No refund backs after purchase.

By the way, this darling antique red truck is a recent find at Down Home Antiques in Corona. My favorite antique store in CA! 

👉🏻 Click on the following photos to find exact items of collection of like items. 

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