A Wish List for YOU!

Mar 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day! This Irish girl is feeling quite lucky today! Late last night My website was sprinkled with little red hearts!

This means that I've been working on some special things to make things easier and more fun while shopping at 

I am very excited and proud to introduce "The Wishlist".

If you have an account with me, you can create your own wishlist to save your favorites. Why is this so cool?

It's pretty to look at. It's handy. You can move to your cart right from the wishlist. You have a quick look view and a full view. It's totally sharable on social media and email. Perfect to email or share your entire wishlist with others when your birthday is coming. Isn't that great?  

And guess what else? You can can sign into your account from social media! It takes a one time set up that takes less than a minute. ( I did have to test it out you know)

Here's how it looks:

You can click in the little hearts from the collection page or...

Click on the "add to wish list icon" and the item is placed into your wishlist. 

You can access it in two places. Over at the right with the red "Wishlist" bar. 


When you click the bar you'll see the quick look view that looks like this:

Or you can click your name at the top and the drop down menu will have a link to your wishlist. 

That that link brings you to the full view wishlist. This is your own private collection that looks kind of like a Pinterest board. And get this; sold items will stay in your wishlist, even if you did not buy the item. You can keep it there to remember what a piece looked like while you look for another one or just keep it there because you like looking at it. 

Isn't this great? I am so excited!

Now...you're going to get lucky! Because I appreciate the fact that you read this whole post, I want to give you a promo code to go try out the new wishlist feature.

Use promo code 


For 40% off EVERYTHING on my website..even the Banana Box, until St. Patty's Day is over at Midnight tonight, Pacific Standard Time. 

Shop Now Here

As always, Thank You for your business! You can never know how appreciated you truly are! 





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