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Treat Yourself Tuesday Double Header

Treat Yourself Tuesday Double Header

It's Treat Yourself Tuesday and this one is a double header that is kicking off a great week of deals. 

Here's that latest news:

Tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM the Summer Southwestern Sale will be opened to the public on One Kings Lane

I have been asked of there will be a 4th of July event at Yourgreatfinds. The answer is YES! That event will start Friday night. An email with all of the details will be released on Friday morning. There will be a factor to this event that we have never done before. I am testing it now. I am also listing fresh finds that are hidden and will be released jewelry show style on Friday night. 


Now back to the Treat Yourself Tuesday Double Header:

First discount is in the Pins and Brooches Collection for 60% OFF. 

Code is "Hot60" 



Second discount is in fine jewelry "Vintage Sophistication" for 50% OFF. 

Code is "Hot50"


Since there is a Double Header are there Double Rewards Points? Yes there are! The double points are added by me manually so please be patient. I usually add them daily. Please let me know if I miss yours though. 

Why "Hot"? Hot weather, Hot deals. They go together!

When does it start? Now.

When does it end? Wednesday at noon sharp PST. 

I am sorry that will be emailing you twice this week. I hate to bother you with too many emails, I really do, but it's the 4th of July! Got to have some fun! More details coming Friday morning. 


Thank you so much!







It's Treat Yourself Tuesday!

It's Treat Yourself Tuesday!

It's Treat Yourself Tuesday!

I just moved 50 items from my Etsy shop to my website. Most of these are items that have been deactivated and not seen in quite some time. 

Our treat yourself Tuesday event will be...
70% off
everything in the Etsy Close Out Collection .

Your promo code is:

When will it start? Now. When will it end? Wednesday at noon, PST. 


Double reward points will be given for items purchased during this event, even it the item is not from the Etsy collection. 
If you have not yet joined the rewards program, it's fantastic!!! Several customers have already cashed in. One has already earned and spent $50.00!! Wow!!

While you are visiting, you might want to take a look at some of the hand picked fresh finds that I am now listing. I cherry picked an antique show and have wonderful things that were purchased for my website only. 

As always, you are so very appreciated!!

Have fun and I hope you score a great deal!