Let's Go on a Road Trip!

1 comment Apr 4, 2016

It's Treat Yourself Tuesday and we're taking a pretend road trip to the Southwest!
The old Route 66 is now Interstate 40 and it's the way to the heart of the Southwest where you'll find great diners, like Earl's in Gallup, New Mexico, Roadside attractions and lots of Indian Trading Posts. It's a great drive where the sky is blue and the earth is red. 
So, for this Treat Yourself Tuesday, we will be visiting my Southwestern Collection
Where you will have a code to get 40% Off in honor of Interstate 40. 
Your code is:


Yes you've got it! Use "TakeThe40" to get the 40. When? Now until Wednesday at 12 Noon to be sure that all of our kindred spirits in all time zones get a chance to shop.
I will be adding a few fresh turquoise finds during this event but I am having a hard time finding good vintage turquoise at great deals to pass on to you.  It's so popular! I'll keep trying but I need to find a mother lode of it so that I can continue to give you these great deals. I am hoping for a blessing from the turquoise gods soon. 
Enough babbling on----->you can shop the Southwest here now
As always, Thank you so much. I appreciate you! 

1 comment

  • Alice Baiers April 5, 2016 at 11:38 am

    Your jewelry is beautiful. My love for the Indians give me a great love for their jewelry. I’m retired and can’t afford it but I still like to look at it.

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