June 04, 2016 0 Comments

Announcing my first ever Week-long Wishlist event!
Since I launched the Wishlist app, it has been insanely popular.  I love it too. I do get data that tells me which items are most popular with wishlist curators. Overwhelmingly, the most often wishlisted items are ringsand turquoise rings are at the top of the list. 
So, to help you make your wish come true, starting right now is my week-long ring wishlist event. 
This means anything in the Ring collection will be available to receive a 40% off discount with the promo code below. This includes fresh finds that have just been added. 
Your code is:  


If you are a rewards member, you will also receive double points. Double points have to be added manually by me, so you'll see those appear after your purchase. I usually do them all at once at the end of each day. 
When will it end? Midnight, Sunday 6-12 PST. 
As always,  your business is greatly appreciated.