Exciting Possibilities

June 22, 2015 0 Comments

So what's going on? 

I am filling my shopify website with product. I am only at 400 items right now, but I have 3000 more items to bring on board.

I will be adding antiques, folk art, vintage fabrics, more beach glass and lots of turquoise



I will be adding about 40 cameos to my cameo collection. 




You will find my love of blue peppered though my entire website. 



You'll see more vintage amethyst jewelry than ever here. Why? Because I love it.


I have a great collection of vintage opal and fire agate pieces that will be showing up soon as well. 


And then, there's the coral! Red branch coral and all gem grade corals are illegal to harvest now. I buy all of the vintage that I can get my hands on for once it is all living in private collections, there will be no more. 



Keep checking back to what is going on with yourgreatfinds


I love having my own website. I can offer items that I like. I can do what-ever I want. I love vintage, but if I find a new great find that looks great with our vibe here, I can offer that good thing to you too! It's the best of both worlds! This is going to be fun......