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Rocking The Silver .....

June 28, 2015 0 Comments


I bet you thought I was going to talk about silver jewelry. Not today.

You see, I am 50-something and the gray hair is starting to come in. I am a natural blond, but in the last few years I realized that I did not even know what my color was anymore. I let it grow for two years doing only a temporary color wash every once in a while. I learned that silver hair is really pretty, like glitter. But, I have a few patches and not that pretty even peppering so when I went for my new "lob" haircut, we dyed it again. (A "lob" is a long "bob", don't you know... I didn't)

When my hair has turned a bit more gray, I shall proudly wear my silver crown of glitter.

Just like these beautiful women.

Aren't they lovely?

Here's the other thing: As I was searching for photos of women with silver and gray hair I found this photo of Pink with silver hair. She is so beautiful and so is her voice. 


I noticed many, many photos of young girls with gray or silver hair! It's a fashion thing...

Even Halle Berry has sported the stuff. During my life women worked hard to cover the gray hair in an effort to look younger. Now the young and beautiful are dying their hair gray in the name of fashion. Is it to look older? Or, is it because the mature woman of today with the silver crown of hair>>>>>>>>ROCK IT?<<<<<<<<<

I know the answer to that girls!


I'll be joining you all soon with a full head of silver hair. I have a teenager......