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Two years ago, I had a horse involved accident which ended up with a head injury. It was then that I decided to purchase a Kask riding helmet. We had a special sale on my website so that I could raise the money for my helmet. 

Here is the original Blog Post.

I love my helmet. If you ride, you know how hot helmets can get. The airflow with this Kask is amazing. 

It also looks great with a birthday tiara, see:

I've been faithfully wearing my helmet every day that I ride. I keep it in it's carrying case whenever I am not wearing it. My case is so worn out that I have had to resew both of the handles back on and the zipper has broken and been repaired.

Two weeks ago, I had Red saddled up and went to put my helmet on and the neck support snapped off! I was devastated! This helmet cost me $600 and I cannot afford another one. 😭


I went helmet shopping and there just isn't anything comparable. I took a chance and called Kask as well as composed an email requesting help for my poor helmet. 

I very nice man named John B. at Kask responded. He told me that if I could prove that the helmet was less than 2 years old they would fix it for free and all I had to pay was shipping. If not, there would be a charge to fix it. I could not find my receipt, but I had the original box with the ship date. It had been 23 months. They accepted my shipping label as proof of purchase. How cool is that?

I packed my helmet up that day in it's original box and sent it across the country to be fixed. I wore my Ovation helmet while I waited and sweated and missed my Kask every day.

Over a week went by and then I got a phone call from a company in North Carolina called Biz on Wheels. The box with my helmet was delivered by mistake to them! They opened the box and found my note inside with my phone number. They had called Kask to come get the helmet, they agreed and never showed up...twice. 

I called USPS and asked to to go get the parcel and deliver it to the correct address. Right? They told me that they only deliver to the airport and that from that point they use a third party. Even though it was shipped priority mail, insured, they basically told me that I was out of luck!

I looked at a map and it was delivered right around the corner from Kask, but USPS would not correct their mistake. I was so frustrated. Out of desperation, I email John B. to see if there was anything that he could do. 

What a saint! John personally went to Biz on Wheels and picked up my helmet. He said that my box was destroyed by the person that opened it. He fixed my helmet, replaced my box and even sent me a brand new carrying case! He did all of this in the same day and shipped my helmet back to me same day. 

This is the most amazing customer service, ever! 

As a result I am a Kask Helmet wearer for life! Great product that cools your head like no other and customer service that is over the top!!!

Thank you John and Thank you Kask.