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Top 30 Vintage Goods to Collect Now

What's Hot in Vintage?


That is a little question with a big answer. Vintage in itself is hot. I started collection vintage as a child and never stopped. I live in Southern California where outdoor flea markets and swap meets happen year round. Southern California has been a trend setter for decades with the Rose Bowl Flea Market attracting celebrities and influential personalities to the antique and vintage world. 


Photos taken at Vintage Market in the Meadows Fallbrook, CA


Social media changed all of that with Pinterest and Instagram being the stars of beautiful things. 

My daughter and I spend so much time out in the field "in the wild" buying fresh vintage finds. You'll find us at antique shows, thrift stores, estate sales, meeting with pickers, swap meets and more. We work hard when we are buying. In fact, we work hard all of the time.  I also pay close attention to what other people are buying. I look at what they are wearing, what they have inside of their carts and what they are carrying out of a flea market. I look at what dealers are offering and how they present their collections. I love to have a good idea of what the trends are.

The general vibe no matter what the style, is natural materials. Leather, wood, stone, pottery, stoneware, tin, zinc, live plants, original paintings. Recycle, reuse and reinvent. Sustainable living and sustainable fashion. Bring the outdoors in and the indoors out. 

Here's the TOP 30 vintage and antique goods that I see flying home with shoppers: 

Cowboy Boots

Vintage, scuffed and time worn cowboy and cowgirl boots are so popular. They can be worn anytime, anywhere with anything. A must-have at all music festivals. Red boots are bringing a premium. 

Anything Vintage Western

Wearables and home decor. Old west, Santa Fe and Old Mexico is up and coming. Fringed leather jackets, vests, purses, boots and shoes as well as pillows. Anything with leather fringe. Anything with horses on it. Old books, paintings, saddles, coin purses, jewelry, fabric and he list goes on. Furniture of horn, old wood. twigs, or thick wicker with chippy old paint. Old tin cans. 

Old Leather Goods

Boots, shoes, hats, coats, jackets, purses, books covers and everything leather. Everything with fringe. Time worn and patina? Even better. 

Vintage Leather Coach Bags

These have been hot for a while now and the trend is not cooling down. Vintage Dooney & Bourke bags are now being carried often, I notice. I do see good old bags of many brands as long as it has patina.

Vintage Sweaters

Old wool Irish sweaters, hand knitted sweaters and vintage Ralph Lauren sweaters. Flag, teddy bear and horse sweaters being the most popular. 

Mexican tooled leather purses. 

The time worn bags with a rich patina are prized!


The house plant, airplant and succulent market is exploding House plants are hot, succulents a lille cooler. Rare houseplants are brings several hundred dollars and in some cases, thousands. 



Copper pots, jewelry, artwork-everything copper. 

Studio Pottery:

Stoneware pots, mugs 

Everything that is hand thrown, rich in texture and glaze. 


Mexican Pottery and Folk Art

Mexican tin, retablos, pottery, woven wool and cotton serapes and blankets and wonderful old pieces from bordertowns and tourist towns. 



Crosses, rosaries of all sizes, bibles, prayer books, art and crucifixes. 


Turquoise Jewelry

Old, time worn silver pieces with good natural turquoise are commanding a premium. With the market saturated with replicas, artist pieces and imports, the good, old Southwestern Indian pieces are highly prized. 

Gold Jewelry

Gold is up and coming in popularity. Fine chains with pendants, gold studs. Small and dainty pieces are very in. Gold filled pieces are worn as well. 

Prairie Dresses

Flower prints, 1970s-1980s gunne sax dresses by Jessica McClintock are being snached up! Feminine calico print dresses as well as natural fiber pieces such as linen and cotton are proudly worn. I am also seeing vintage Double D Ranchwear and Sundance pieces in velvet and natural fibers rising in popularity. 


Old Levis jeans and denim jackets are hot again. Lee and Wrangler are making a showing as well. 

Vintage bandanas

I'll be adding to this section soon as I have a few extra minute, but with Covid the vintage Bandanas have surged in popularity. They were already in, but now, wow! They must be made in the USA and cotton or cotton blend. The collectible advertising bandanas are not the focus, the wearable ones are. At one of the outdoor flea markets that we attend it is very fashionable to show off your bandana finds. Rare colors and bandanas with the Elephant trade mark are searched for.


Old Original Oil Paintings

I have always love these and now they are hot! They are being shown at every venue. Condition is not an issue and the frames need to be old and if they are damaged, not a problem. 

American Country 

It's Back! (It never left for me) Finally, the new chippy white milk paint thing is out. People are still decorating all white with ironstone and such, don't get me wrong, but the look is cleaner. Lots of white with green plants as contrast. 

We are going back to early wood, old time worn milk paint and best of all, color! Shelves, cupboards and tables. Filled with vintage finds and plants. 

Antique Trunks

This one is available at my favorite antique shop called Down Home Antiques in Corona, CA. 

Blue Calico

Antique clothing in blue calico has made a comeback, but is very is very hard to find. I know, I collect it. 

Victorian Clothing 

To go along with the prairie look, Victorian clothing, dresses, blouses and boots are being snatched up. 

Wicker Peacock Chairs

Remember those? They command a premium for a 1970s piece. The macramé to go with it is popular as well. Stained glass lamps are used with these as well.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture and Details

This is SO HOT! These pieces fly out of shows and is used with the white and house plant look. A very clean look with style. 

Hair On Hides

Sheep skin, cowhides anything fur and leather but has to be vintage and legal. Bovine, sheep or goat. I found these on every chair at a local restaurant. 


With the popularity of e-bikes and bicycles in general, vintage bikes have become very in to ride. Here's ours:



Straw hats, wool hats, cowboy/cowgirl hats. Stetson, Resistol and Mexican hats as well as vintage Eric Javits and designer hats. 


Leather, wool,  woven wool, woven cotton- texture. Lots of texture. 

Concert T-shirts

Old concert T-shirts from the 1960s-1980s are highly sought after. Look great with an old pair of Levis. 


Antique, vintage and old baskets. Faded colors or natural. Leather handles and nubby textures- Old and natural. LOVE THEM!


Antique and vintage suitcase stacks are fantastic. A open suitcase is a great way to display and contain a collection of something you love. 


I'm sure that I will be adding to this blog post as there are many things that I missed. I will actively shoot photos when I am out at show so that you can see. I only use my own photographs and certainly need to take more.

We have several flea markets and shows opening up. The Rose Bowl is not open. Looks like LA will be waiting a while, but here in San Diego we have the goods! 

I'll continue to share what I see. 

Happy Hunting! 



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November 09, 2021

Your very knowledgeable and I appreciate your honesty. Looking forward to reading what you have to say. Not a guy who spends alot of time on the internet but I very much enjoy in what is your passion. Picked up a bucket in Montana and learned of the pawn items that the Indian and there family’s would make and sell to pawn shops because it was the only place I guess they were allowed to sell or trade crazy stuff. Thank you.

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