Large Navajo Rug Pillow Cover Vintage

This is one of 4 pillow covers that I have from an estate. I am keeping two and offering two here on my website. (Sold separately) 

I knew the woman that owned these before she passed away. She purchased a vintage Navajo rug and had four large pillow covers made out of that rug. I have had them for over 20 years. 

They measure 28 1/2" by 29".

They were filled with down and feather inserts and there are feathers all over inside. Some of the feathers are on the outside. I picked some of them off but I have very bad hands and had a hard time grabbing the feathers so you will have to finish.  

They are dyed with natural dye and wool so they have to be dry cleaned and not put in the washer as the red eye will run. 

The person who made these used rug on the front and back instead if the cheap way of using a solid fabric on the back. No zipper, just a split back for the pillow to slide in. A European 26" by 26" pillow will work inside of these because of the thickness of the woven rug. They are not stiff. 

Super nice covers of high quality.