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Are YOU Turquoise Addicted?

Are YOU Turquoise Addicted?


Are You "Turquoise Addicted"?

Good. Me too.

Well then. It's a really good thing that it's


This week the deal is 44% OFF everything in the turquoise collection "True 2 Turquoise"

There are 12 pages in this collection and there are ring, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more. 

Your promo code is:



 When will it activate? Now. It starts now and ends at 12 Noon Wednesday to give our kindred spirits around all of the time zones of the world enough time to shop and place their orders. 
Note: The Banana Box still has 300 items to be listed and you can still use "Banana30" For 30% off in that collection.
I am off to start listing fresh finds. I spent the entire day packing orders and am thankful for each and every one of them.
Thank you so much! 
I took this photo a couple of years ago. Wish I still had these pieces! Turquoise just doesn't stick around very long. It has new homes to go to. 



It's Treat Yourself Tuesday!

It's Treat Yourself Tuesday!

First of all, I want to THANK YOU for helping me raise the money to buy my new riding helmet. It is on the Fed Ex truck right now for delivery. I cannot wait! Tomorrow I get to have the staples removed from my head if the wound has healed enough. I am hoping to be riding in my helmet tomorrow. As I said before, it is not just a riding helmet, it's a helmet that I will wear on the ground whenever I handle a horse. Taking no more chances 
Back to Treat Yourself Tuesday...
Today let's bling our necks!!! Necklaces, squash blossoms,chokers, chains and pendants in silver and gold, they are all subject to a special discount of:

43% OFF

until Wednesday at 12 noon.
It's a 24 hour event, but we have to allow extra time for our kindred spirits in countries across the globe to open the email and shop.
The code is:



Before I go, I have to tell you that in about two weeks, something old and new is coming to Yourgreatfinds...More details coming soon. 

Thank you!!!



It's Treat Yourself Tuesday!

It's Treat Yourself Tuesday!

How Cute are Your Ears?

Well, Let's make them CUTER!!!

It's A Treat Yourself Tuesday Earring Event!

What do you get?

50% OFF ALL EARRINGS for 24 hours!

Here's the Promo Code:


You actually get a bit more than 24 hours because you know about it early. The code is active now and will be activated until Noon Wednesday Feb 17 to be sure that our kindred spirits all over the globe have time to place their orders. 
I will be adding fresh earring finds every chance that I get over the next day and a half. I have pierced earrings, posts and ear-wires, studs and dangles. I have clip on style and screw backs. I have silver and gold, dressy and sporty as well as lots and lots of turquoise. 
So let's cute your ears, pull back your hair and rock those earrings! Why not?